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Worker's Compensation

Let Todd & Atwill, LLP get you the compensation you deserve in the event of injury or negligence in the work place.

To begin, we advise you report your injury. In most cases, you are required to report your injury within 30 days. Next, we advise that you file your claim. These steps are important in ensuring the best outcome for your case. The succession of events that take place depending on the nature of your case will go as follows: an investigation of your case, pre-hearings, mediations and trials and appeal.

With Todd & Atwill, LLP we work on these cases on a contingency-free basis which means if we do not recover the compensation entitled to you, we are not owed an attorney's fee.

Practicing in Missouri

Medical Care

Todd & Atwill, LLP can help you resolve your case effectively by recovering financial compensation for medical care expenses as a result of a work-related injury.

Lost Wages

If you've fallen victim to lost wages that have caused you financial peril due to an injury at work, we're here to represent your case.


Learn more about filing for a settlement which could provide partial or full disability benefits to compensate for your work-related injury.

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